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when someone you don’t want to hang out with tries to talk to youimage

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Ppl rly be like “oppa said he likes sweet pure girls!” Oppa likes titties and ass And some of them like dick honey he fuckin lied on camera bc his mama was watchin And didn’t want her to know he keeps lube in his bedside table

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52/♡ pictures of lee jinki’s perfection 
Blue night radio 14 / 07 / 29
  • J: When did you confess to a girl and sees her as a woman?
  • LJH: In high school, at that time some people even say that I'm too mature.
  • J: ...... For me, in elementary school
  • LJH: Yes yes....
  • J: But we didn't date.
  • cr: human lock
  • tr: cosmicsticks

Blue night radio 14 / 07 / 29
  • J: If I like someone I won't hide it, I would like to immediately know what she thinks, I'd confess straight away, in other words (I'm) someone who falls in love straight.
  • cr: Dinokey

Blue Night Radio 140728
  • J: I'm someone who likes smells (of perfumes), so I have are a lot of perfumes at home.
  • J: When my mom or sister goes overseas I tell them to buy tax-free perfumes as present for me
  • Cr: cosmicsticks